This is a selected list of Shows and Events


“Street Artists Unite” Dorian Grey . New York, NY

“Weapons of Mass Construction” – Ascend. Cortland, NY

“Villians and Superheroes” – Gristle Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

“Outside/In” Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts . Millville, NJ

“Four of a Kind” – L.I.C.K. Gallery. Queens, NY

“It’s Getting Hoth in Here – Star Wars Themed Art Show” – Staten Island, NY

“Heavy Hitters” – Mad Art Gallery. St. Louis, MO

“G40 Summit” – Arlington, VA

“Rather Unique” – Woodward Gallery. New York, NY


“Robots Will Kill and Friends” – Mighty Tanaka. Brooklyn, NY

“Art Basel Fountain Art Fair” – Miami, Fl

“Pongtopia” – World Financial Center. New York, NY

“Dismiss’d Connections” – Gallery Loft 48. Santa Barbara, Ca

“Heavy Hitters” – Mad Art Gallery. St. Louis, MO

“Too Busy To Die: RWK 10th Anniversary Show” – Ayden Gallery. Vancouver, British Columbia

“Big and Little Art Show” – Culture Arts Center. Fanwood, NJ

“Sympathy for the Machine” – Alley Gallery. Belgium

“Ghost in the Machine” – My Plastic Heart. New York, NY

“Never Say Die: RWK 10th Anniversary Show” – Vincent Michael Gallery. Philadelphia, PA

“Sticker Phiends” – Tempe, AZ

“Unusual Suspects” – 17 Frost Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

“First Taste” – Bound For Glory. Staten Island, NY

“Street Degrees of Separation” – Crewest Gallery. Los Angeles, CA



“Small Change”- Steadfast Gallery. Orlando, FL

Group Shows & Charity Events

“Sneaker”- Vincent Michael Gallery. Philadelphia, PA

“Stick ‘Em Up!!”- Bricks and Bombs Gallery. Baton Rouge, LA

“Peel Here” – Los Angeles, CA

“Death Warmed Over” – Brooklyn, NY

“G40 The Summit”- Arlington, VA

“Power in Numbers”- Philadelphia, PA

“Stoked Sessions”- Culver City, CA

“Stokenphobia”- Pandemic Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

“Iconography”- Mighty Tanaka Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

“Thought Process” My Plastic Heart Gallery. New York, NY

“Street Art New York Benefit for Free Arts NYC”- Factory Fresh. Brooklyn, NY

“H.O.W Journal Charity Auction”- New York, NY


Group Shows & Charity Events

“Going Postal”- Ad Hoc Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

“Outside Insight”- Gent, Belgium

“From the Streets of Brooklyn”- Thinkspace Gallery. Culver City, CA

“Street Crush”- Brooklyn, NY

“Work To Do”- New York, NY

“Mom and Popism”- New York, NY

“The Great Outdoors”- Art Break Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

“Fresh From the Streets”- Mikhail Akin Gallery. Demarest, NJ

“Bringing Urban In “- Sacramento, CA

“MBP Urban Arts Fest”- Brooklyn, NY


Group Shows & Charity Events

“The Piece Process”- Anonymous Gallery. New York, NY

“Itty Bitty Art Show”- Monkeyhouse Toys & Art Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

“Stock”- One Way Gallery. Narragansett, RI

“The Art-Necro show”- Empire State Gallery. Oceanside, NY

“Den of Iniquity”- The Rogues’ Gallery. Belfast, Ireland

“Sold Out”- Alias GAllery. Indianapolis, IN

“Slaptown”- Portland, OR

“Process’ Train Car Project”- Brooklyn, NY

“Peel Here”- Los Angeles, CA


Solo Show

“Chris of Robots Will Kill”- Alias Gallery. Indianapolis, IN

“Chris of Robots Will Kill”- Coallus Gallery. Pensacola, FL

Group Shows & Charity Events

“Robots Day Massacre”- Kustom Kulture Gallery. Long Island, NY

“The Slipper Show”- Honalulu, HI

“AKA: Also Known As”- Houston, TX

“Fusion”- Progression GAllery. Pomona, CA

“Peel Here”- Los Angeles, CA


Group Shows

“After School Art”- Brooklyn, NY

“Everything Must Go”- CBGB’S 313 Gallery. New York, NY

“Brookly Bridges”- The Xpo Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

“Pop Go The Weasels”- Kustom Kulture Gallery. Long Island, NY


Group Shows

“Metal Pig”- Austin, TX

“Sneaker Pimps”- San Francisco, CA

“Untitled”- Soap Box Gallery. Bellingham, WA



“Works by Chris of Robots Will Kill” JLA Gallery. brooklyn, ny

Group Shows

“Vessel”- Brooklyn, NY

“Sticker Throw”- Brooklyn, NY


Group Shows

“The Big Group Show”- M3 Projects Gallery Brooklyn, NY

“Urban Art Expo”- Gent, Belgium


Installation & Solo Show

“Chris of Robots Will Kill”- Splendid. Brooklyn, NY